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Interview from Loreen’s time in Belgrade- Translation (by awesome Anita!)

How do you like Belgrade?

- I really like it. I didn’t manage to see everything, but the little part I saw made me realise that Belgrade is a very ”cool” city.  I would like to come back and visit some hipster parts of the city.

Have you seen any performance of our contestants? Do you have any favourites?

- I had an opportunity to see just one contestant’s performance before I came here. I’m not sure if the guy is still in the competition , but I know that he sang ‘My heart is refusing me’ on the audition.

You mean Lukijan?

- Yeah Lukijan ! I heard that he sang my song and I think that it’s one of the most beautiful performances of ”My heart is refusing me”. He is great and I’m really impressed. I’m glad to hear that he’s still in the competition, because he’s one serious artist.

Why is it so important to participate in a show program like X factor?

- ”X factor” is a great opportunity for all people to show their talent. Participation in a show like this is a huge step in their career, because it is an unique way to present themselves. If you have talent and if you’re an artist, it’s very important to find a place where you can show what you do and what do you stand for.

You began your career in ”Idol”, 2004 . How much does that mean to you now?

- That experience is very important . Before that , I was just a child, and I didn’t realize that if you want to be an artist you have to work hard and you have to respect yourself. In a competition like ‘Idol’ you’re often forced to sing a songs that you don’t want to and in a way you wouldn’t like to do. But you have to realize that something like that is not possible. After ”Idol” I learned how to function in the music industry, how to act in studio and how to sing in the way that I want to. Those things are very important if you want to become a serious artist, because in shows like that you learn how to be a professional. It’s not easy, but it’s wonderful. After all, I can say that ”Idol” was something like a kinder garden to me. (laughs)

What did winning ESC bring you?

Eurovision song contest allows you to meet many people. It was a  special experience. After that, suddenly you are in contact with everyone, standing on a stage, where you always wanted to stand. I worked hard before ESC, as well as after.

Which message do you want to send trough your music?

There are many of them, but the most important one is that you have to ”feel”.  Doesn’t matter if you’re angry, loved, happy, you’re listening to the music. Music has a great power over your body and that’s why my message is that people should truly feel music. When I write music and lyrics, I don’t think if people are going to like it, I feel it instead. Those are the things that just go out of me.

How does your life look like when you’re not on stage, what do you do on your free-time?

In my free time, I do things that are not related to music. I’m working on one very interesting project  with designer from London, at the moment.  I like to do many things, so I hope that in September or October I will release my own fashion line. 

What are your future plans for your music career?

Well, I’m working on a new album, so if everything goes well, I will release my new single soon. 

Have you ever thought about making a concert in Serbia?

I think that Serbia is, as I already said, a very nice place, so it would be a great experience. We would have a great time together.

(Thank you Anita for translating!) 

4/02 -  Photos of Loreen backstage at X-factor Adria!

Click here to watch a short clip from backstage.

Loreen - “My Heart Is Refusing Me” at X Factor Adria

Loreen - “Euphoria” at X Factor Adria 

4/02 - Interview with Loreen when she arrives at the airport in Belgrade 

Instagram: mrbalkan  Loreen and Anna backstage at X-factor Adria!

Instagram: mrbalkan 

Loreen and Anna backstage at X-factor Adria!

4/02 - Loreen doing an interview in Belgrade (at X-factor)

4/02- Photos of Loreen in Belgrade

Live stream - X Factor Adria →

Loreen is set to perform on X Factor Adria tonight! The shows starts at 9PM / 21:00. 

Click here for another live stream if this one doesn’t work. 

Loreen arrived to Belgrade last night. She’s performing on XFactor Adria tonight! 

Loreen arrived to Belgrade last night. She’s performing on XFactor Adria tonight!