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She got it! :) Thank you Rania for the best job ever! <3


She got it! :) Thank you Rania for the best job ever! <3

Hey Loreenatos! For all of you who contributed to the Birthday project / the scrapbook, here’s a video of how it looks!

Rania has done an AMAZING job!!! And I was with her when she dropped it off so I had the change to see it for myself, I’m positive Loreen’s going to love this. It will be given to her on monday, so just 1 day before her actual birthday! :) <3

Birthday project - deadline on Sunday!

Loreenators! I’ve previously told you about Rania’s birthday project and I just wanted to leave a quick reminder that the deadline is on Sunday! The 30th of September! 

And an update: There is ONLY going to be a Scrapbook because the majority of people who already sent in their material has only been interested in participating in the scrapbook!

For more information e-mail Rania at: raniaduzgun@hotmail.com

Birthday project /Dance Dare!

Hi Loreenators! Remember when I wrote about Rania’s birthday project? (If not, or if you just want to check it out again, click here) Well, she has now added an addition to the videoproject: DANCE DARES! If you haven’t heard about this earlier then the idea is that you basically walk up behind someone and dance without them knowing or seeing you, and then you have someone filming it.

Rania would love to get your dance dares videos and will add Euphoria to play in the background! Doesn’t that sound fun? I’m sure Loreen will get a laugh out of it when she sees the video!

Read all the details about the dance dares here

And send your material to raniaduzgun@hotmail.com


I wanted to tell you guys about a wonderful project for Loreen’s Birthday the 16th October! Rania, a fellow Loreenator, has a plan of making both a scrapbook and a video for Loreen’s birthday! You can read all the important information right here. But the idea is to give you the possibility of telling Loreen that you love her, wish her a happy birthday etc.

Let’s unite and create something beautiful for her birthday! :) Check it out!